Spark On-Demand

$40 a month or $400 a year

Welcome to our virtual studio! We upload a variety of videos every week for you to enjoy at home with family, friends, and pets =) Let's move together!

Spark is an encouraging & safe environment that invites you to strengthen & deepen your practice authentically. We are a family that supports each other's unique journey of turning inward and we believe in the value of freedom of expression through breath and movement. Together we heal, build confidence, and gather with compassion. YOU belong here.

  • sparkSCULPT
    104 videos


    104 videos

    Fun, sweaty, & always worth it! A Power Flow class incorporating light weights and other props for added resistance to strengthen all the muscles in the body while building endurance, stability, and CONFIDENCE. Expect to work to your edge and embrace getting uncomfortable while celebrating al...

  • sparkFLOW
    92 videos


    92 videos

    This class is designed to heighten breath/body awareness using fluid transitions to cultivate a profound body & mind connection. This class will keep you moving to the rhythm of your breath allowing for freedom of expression and exploration. It's playful and sweaty! Class is set to energizing...

  • sparkREFINE

    36 videos

    This class is designed to instill a foundation of balance and sense of peace to your practice. We'll harmonize mind and body with a profound focus on breathwork, alignment, and strength. Cultivate a sense of focus and grounding as you are guided through poses that help improve posture, balance, a...

  • sparkBARRE
    60 videos


    60 videos

    No dance experience necessary! A low-impact class for all ages and fitness levels. Be prepared to increase the heart rate with the use of micro-movements and some light weights. This class is designed to challenge your deep, small muscle groups, improve posture, and build overall confidence in mi...

  • sparkPOWER
    47 videos


    47 videos

    A challenging, energetic flow incorporating muscle strengthening & toning exercises. Similar to a vinyasa class but faster paced to get the heart-rate up to initiate a cardiovascular element to the practice. This class is all-levels as we encourage all practitioners to go at your own pace and...

  • sparkBOOTCAMP

    57 videos

    A high-intensity class incorporating resistance props such as bands & weights to strengthen the entire body. This class is designed to build strength and confidence, incorporating Tabata style training. The format of the class will leave you feeling accomplished, sweaty, and empowered! Get af...

  • sparkPRENATAL

    2 videos

    Classes designed to assist in strengthening the body comfortably and safely throughout pregnancy & post labor. To ensure these classes are appropriate for you, please consult your physician before engaging in movements/activity.

  • Chair Yoga

    3 videos

  • sparkSNACKS
    137 videos


    137 videos

    Build your own movement session with these shorter, more body focused classes! These are also ideal for those with busy schedules. Enjoy!

  • sparkHIIT
    33 videos


    33 videos

    HIIT Pilates com­bines car­dio and mus­cle ton­ing using high inten­sity inter­val train­ing to keep your heart rate up & help­ing you burn fat. The Pilates prin­ci­ples sculpt you body, cre­at­ing long lean mus­cle mass. This class also helps ele­vat­e your heart rate to boost­ metab­o­lism ...

  • sparkCORE+CARDIO

    19 videos

    A HIIT style class designed to fire up your solar plexus and increase your heart rate. Transitioning between a fierce core circuit and quick bursts of cardio, we'll keep your body guessing to encourage a boost in metabolism, strength building, and a healthy heart. This class is the ultimate mood ...

  • sparkGENTLE

    23 videos

    A tender approach for those who are new to yoga, working with injuries, or craving a sense of calm. This class is structured around calming and healing the body. Props such as bolsters, blocks, and straps will often be used to assist you in postures to help initiate a safe, healing quality and to...

  • sparkRESTORE

    15 videos

    Give yourself permission to reset & give back to your body and spirit. This class benefits the body's internal organs by reducing blood pressure, encouraging digestion, and reducing muscle tension. Cultivate ease & peace of mind to allow for deeper sense of presence and awareness. All le...

  • sparkROCKET

    3 videos

    “A dynamic vinyasa style class open to all levels. Based on the traditional series of Ashtanga, “The Rocket” are set sequences that focus on grounding your being, dissolving tension and stretching your mind through present moment awareness of the feeling body in explored Asanas, facilitated with ...

  • sparkATHLETE

    2 videos

  • Tutorials
    2 videos


    2 videos


    4 videos

  • Ashtanga

    1 video

  • Meditation

    5 videos